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To provide easy-to-use, accessible, and convenient information about the bus routes, what locations the route covers, their stops, and their time tables.

Encourage More People to Use the Bus

By creating this service, we believe that we can encourage people of all income brackets and nationalities to utilize the bus system in Kuwait.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Kuwait was recently named the 2nd most toxic country in the world in terms of air quality as a result of excessive pollution[1]. If more people begin to use the bus as transportation, carbon emission rates will decline due to a reduction in cars on the road. Ultimately, we will see a greener Kuwait.

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About busKW

BusKW is a public transport advocacy group based in Kuwait. By marketing across multiple channels, we encourage the use of public transportation in Kuwait by all classes of society. To initiate the project, we collected all bus route data and have commenced collecting all schedules, stop positions and 360° imaging of the routes. These data shall be incorporated into various online and mobile services to encourage bus use. By making this information more accessible, we will benefit Kuwaiti society as a whole. As more people take the bus, there will be less traffic congestion. This will reduce pollution and traffic related fatalities and injuries.

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Data Streams

Our effort to encourage public transport use in Kuwait involves a data collection and management challenge. Additionally, after collecting data about bus routes, stops, depots and schedules we aim to produce some information products. Examples of these are: Maps A routing system for the bus network linking you and your destination Timetable The aim of […]

Stats about Kuwait’s Public Bus Network

I have lived in Kuwait nearly 4 years. Before starting this project, I had caught the bus about 3 times, twice as a last resort. One was during a failed earlier attempt at this project when I was running the Kuwait Mapping Meetup. I mapped the stops of the 999 route with a friend. We […]

Kuwait Bus Resources

Along with our map (which we are now gradually adding bus stops to), there are a number of resources for bus route and stop information: KPTC routes (we used this to plot the routes on our map) City Bus routes (this is a topological map, similar to the London Tube Map in function) Kuwait Bus Routes […]

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