Surveys to Find the Most Important Information Gap and Bus App Function

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So far we have run two very simple surveys. The first, started 10th January 2017, was to find the most important information gap holding people back from using the buses here. The second, started 23rd April 2017, was to discover the most important function an app about the buses should have. Both surveys continue collecting responses, pitch in!

Kuwait Bus survey

Kuwait Bus App survey

Given each survey only had one item, they’re very easy to summarise and I’ll do so with a couple of pictures:

What these show is that a complete route map is the most important information gap and therefore information product. Notably, however, until we were featured on 248am, complete schedule information was the leader. People presumably found our survey through the link on the map, and given there was a bias toward the route map information gap, this is therefore a subtle denunciation of the map in its present state 😅😅

Regarding the most important app function, we simply asked an open ended question. Amongst the only 7 responses so far, routes are mentioned in almost all, whilst schedules are in half. Therefore at this stage the public is voting for the app to have a nice route map with the stops so they can see where they are and can go with the bus. 

We hope to be able to close the information gaps through developing a good app as specified by the public. Please share this post with others so we can keep refining our understanding of needs.

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